About Thrive

Develop Leadership

Although mentoring marginalized students has a rich history here at UNI, Thrive is taking it to a new level. Follow our three tips as you challenge yourself to attain the previously unattainable.

  1. Become a Thrive Mentee and learn personal leadership through accountability.
  2. After you have learned personal leadership, share what you know by becoming a Thrive Mentor.
  3. Build your network and your resource library. 

Join us and take full advantage of our mentorship, events and resources to become what you dare and accomplish what you dream.

Mentoring & Retention Mentoring & Retention

Meet Carlos Frazier

Carlos is here to help you live up to your potential. Are you interested in mentoring an underclassman? Are you an underclassman or transfer student looking for mentorship? Please feel free to stop by the CME, located on the top level of Maucker Union, and ask for Carlos!